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Hunting Alpine Ibex in Austria

A truly magnificent hunting adventure
We are happy to be able to offer you a truly magnificent hunting adventure – the hunt for the
very rare Alpine Ibex.
This fascinating game lives in the highest regions of our Austrian mountains and is usually - like chamois - hunted in daytime. Autumn and early winter is the best time to go for an Ibex. The heavy snowfalls during this time in the year forces the Ibex down to lower regions and makes it easier to hunt.
Alpine Ibex is very rare. We …

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Finest Driven Phaesants Shooting in Schillersdorf

The driven pheasants shooting in Silherovice (Schillersdorf, CZ) looks back to a centuries-long tradition. Beeing set up after the English model of the Rothschild family, the pheasant shooting inSilherovice is still an insider tip for a particularly beautiful and interesting hunt.
Under the able leadership of local professional hunters the pheasants in the last decades developed very well. Avid and passionate hunters ensure an interesting and very challenging hunting experience. Per hunting day there will be approximately six to seven drives, mostly four in the morning and three in the afternoon. …

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Safari in Caprivi/Namibia

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Hunting Alpine Chamois in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country in the Alps, with peaks high up to 3500 meters and many chamois. The hunt is done by stalking and lodging is provided in hunting houses or in small hotels in tourist areas.
This hunt is relatively difficult and asks for a good physical preparation. Moreover this hunt is very well organized, with guides that know the animals and the area perfectly.
Please find more details and pricing in this offer:

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Hunting Wolf in Macedonia

In Macedonia there is the largest wolf population in Europe, in the two reserves of Stip and Sveti Nikole only local hunters harvested over 200 wolves last year.
We offer you the possibility to hunt wolves in Macedonia in small driven hunts and still hunt by night in winter. Driven hunts are organized for groups of 4-6 hunters. Best period is January and February when they are in the breeding season and move about a lot.
In the evening you can hunt mouflons, wild boars, fallow deer and other animals in the …

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Driven Pheasant, Partridge and Grouse Shooting in the UK

When it comes to driven shooting there are no other countries which even come close to providing the same sort of variety of driven shooting as that which is on offer in the UK. This is as much to do with the diversity of the shooting landscape in combination with an embedded love of field sports in the UK, prevalent within Britain since medieval times. Precipitous slopes in Scotland, the rolling moorland of Northern England, deep wooded valleys in Wales or the more typical quintessential rural English countryside of the …